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    2023-07-05 14:09:42

NameLORD Thermoset EP-937 Board Level Encapsulant

CategoryLord Potting & Encapsulation Materials
LORD Thermoset EP-937 encapsulant is a black, one component epoxy specifically designed to meet the needs of coating semiconductor devices on printed circuit boards.
Product description

LORD Thermoset EP-937 encapsulant is a black, onecomponent epoxy specifically designed to meet the needs of coating semiconductor devices on printed circuit boards.

Features and Benefits
Convenient – requires no mixing; provides excellent shelf life stability; prepared under vacuum and contains no entrapped air or solvents.
Environmentally Resistant – provides excellent resistance to thermal shock and moisture.
Fast Cure – quickly cures at 150°C with a void-free, smooth surface.
Outstanding Adhesion – offers a fast elevated temperature cure for outstanding adhesion to a variety of materials.


Applying – Before use with dispensing equipment, allow encapsulant to be warmed to room temperature (ideally 20-25°C). Thaw encapsulant by placing the syringe in a vertical (upright) position with dispense tip facing downward in an ambient environment. Consult handling instructions** for specific guidelines.
Apply encapsulant by pneumatic-powered syringe or by coating with a disposable applicator. Do not use for coating masses larger than 25 grams.
Curing – Allow encapsulant to cure in an elevated temperature circulating air oven or on a hot plate.
Cleanup – Disposable containers and utensils are recommended when working with epoxies. However, when disposable materials are impractical, uncured encapsulant can be removed by cleaning equipment with solvent. Solvent-cleaned utensils should be thoroughly dried before reuse; any remaining solvent can contaminate the next mixture.


Shelf Life/Storage
Shelf life is six months from date of manufacture when stored between 0° and 5°C in original, unopened container. Do not store containers outdoors or in nonventilated exterior structures. Store product away from heat sources such as ovens or hot plates. Elevated storage temperatures will shorten product’s shelf life.

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