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CategorySilver Paste
CT2700R7S is a low-temperature, pressure-free sintered silver paste based on nanotechnology with a thermal conductivity of up to 200W and excellent thermal conductivity.
Product description

CT2700R7S is a low-temperature, pressure-free sintered silver paste based on nanotechnology with a thermal conductivity of up to 200W and excellent thermal conductivity.


High thermal conductivity

Excellent interface reliability

Pressureless sintering process

Excellent operability

Low volatility that meets MSL standards

Long waiting time

General performance index

Application: * Power semiconductor device * Replace solder * High power LED * RF power device * RF power device * Laser diode * Power module

Process Guide

Process method: dispensing

1. You can use conventional pneumatic dispensing or screw dispensing

2. Star-shaped or cross-shaped patterns are commonly used in dot-matrix dispensing solutions to avoid void problems

3. The amount of misplaced printing and dispensing depends on the specific needs of the application

4. The loading process must be completed within 1.5 hours after dispensing

Conventional sintering temperature curve under different chip sizes (traditional air circulation curing furnace)

Time tolerance ± 10 minutes Temperature tolerance ± 5 ℃

* We do not recommend using the hot plate method to heat from below, which will cause void problems. The above sintering temperature is directional. The recommended sintering conditions (time and temperature) will be different based on specific application requirements and experience. This is also related to the installation of specific sintering equipment and stoves

The load and the actual furnace temperature are closely related.

* As for the application on the ceramic interface, the temperature usually used exceeds 210 ° C.

Bondable interface

Yellow metals such as gold, silver and copper

Note: 1. We do not recommend the use of substrates that will result in low yields after starving.  

2. For bare copper applications, we recommend a plasma cleaning process prior to the loading process to remove OSP and oxides on the copper surface. The conventional plasma cleaning conditions are as follows. Gas: Argon (Ar)

Cleaning time: 2 minutes (this time depends on the type and thickness of OSP)

Note: The following materials are not suitable for bonding:

1. Metals such as nickel, aluminum, iron, etc.

2. Solder such as SAC, AuSn, PbSn, etc.

3. Non-metallic materials such as silicon, glass, metal oxides, ceramics, plastics, etc.

Chip size range and mounting height (BLT)


1. The product is sealed and transported by Qianbing

2. Need to let the syringe reach room temperature before use (thaw time: 1-2 hours @ 10cc / 15g syringe)

3. Do not open the syringe before the syringe reaches 20 ° C. The dew that has accumulated on the syringe must be removed before opening the syringe.

4. The slurry must be used within 48 hours after returning to temperature.

Save and take

Place this product in a sealed container and place in a dry place. The way to save this product can be found on the container label. The storage temperature is -40 ° C to -15 ° C.

The product may be contaminated during use. Do not return the removed product to its original container. We do not assume responsibility for product contamination or storage in a non-standard state. If you have any other questions, please contact your local distributor of Kyocera.

to sum up

This product is harmful to the environment, but also irritating to the eyes. The specific safety operation information of this product can be found in the SDS report.

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