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CategoryDie Attach Film & Dicing Die Attach Film
Product description

Tack-and-cure without Pressure 

High Moisture Resistance 

Electrically Insulating 

Epoxy Film Adhesive

IDEAL FOR:High Volume, Automated Assemblies  

Die Attach


ESP7660-HK is a high-bond strength epoxy film adhesive for die-attachapplication. This die attach film(DAF)can be laminated onto the back ofthe wafer at 70"C and then mounted onto a standard dicing tape on asupporting frame. The wafer and the DAF can then be diced intopredetermined sizes. This new generation wafer level die-attach film(DAF)is flexible for easy pick-and-place application before the final curing step.

Depending on the type of dicing tape mounted, and after applying suitablereleasing action, such as UV or heat, the diced chip can be picked andplaced directly onto a leadframe or a substrate. The adhesive can then becured according to one of the cure schedules. The dry, tack-free handlingof the film makes it suitable for an automated assembly.


ESP7660-HK is available in sheet sizes or rolls. Standard thickness of ESP7660-HK is 20 micron thick. Special thicknesses are available uponequest.


(1) Keep product in aluminum polylaminate protective bag when not in use.

(2) Before using, remove protective liner from film. Place wafer ontoadhesive film side.

(3) Laminate(low heat of 60-80 C )wafer onto adhesive until goodwetting is achieved. Dice wafer as usual.

(4) Once dicing is complete, pass wafer under UV light or heat(dependingon dicing tape )so that die can be released for pick and place operation.Cure according to one of the recommended schedules.



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